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Canvas в IE9

Вроде как из блога AMD утекли сведения о том, что IE9 будет поддерживать Canvas:

The <canvas> element will be accelerated on the GPU via Direct2D and will enable hardware accelerated rendering contexts for application development, improving visual display, reducing CPU usage, and improving power usage. … AMD is working with multiple teams at Microsoft to ensure that technologies such as IE and Silverlight continue to move the PC platform forward.

Хотя в AMD чуть позднее поспешили откреститься от этого:

Got a little ahead of myself; Microsoft did not announce they were supporting <canvas>. However, they did say that all of Internet Explorer 9’s graphics, text, and rendering will be hardware accelerated. Given the embraced HTML5 across DOM, CSS3, SVG, and XHTML, it will be fun to watch this space closely as the IE9 Preview gets updated in the weeks to come.